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Women's Special-shaped Pearl Necklace Versatile French Advanced

Women's Special-shaped Pearl Necklace Versatile French Advanced

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Product information:
Treatment Process: Electroplating
Color: N2307-4 square piece Pearl, N2012-3 Big Ring, N2003-8 sequins three-layer lock, N2003-1 black wood peach heart, N1903-8 cross, N2104-1 Pearl open Peach heart, N2012-7 ugly piece alloy, n2209-4 flower double racks, n2209-3 Green Square Crystal, N2209-2 glossy diamond heart, N2209-11 colorful Peach heart, N2209-9 bow, N2209-7 long white flower, N2209-6 oval white flower, N2209-5 double layer green peach heart, N2209-12 double layer pearl chain, n2209-1 twisted bar square Pearl, N2111-6 large flat round, N2111-5 large flat square, n2108-21 double flat Pearl, N2104-8 Golden Butterfly pearl chain, N2104-9 silver butterfly pearl chain, N2005-14 Pearl coin, N2107-15 coin shell, n2107-16 angel, n2107-17 love cross, N2105-7 pairs of love, N2104-10 Pearl coin
Pendant material: Mother Pearl shellfish
Chain style: Blade chain
Material: Alloy
Popular elements: coins, squares, circles, five-pointed stars, chains
Applicable population: Female
Shape: Geometry
Style: ins style

Packing list:
Necklace * 1 set
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